A PRAYER FOR BLESSINGS IN THE NEW YEAR

O God of love, I thank You for bringing us to the beginning of this New Year safely and for protecting us by Your grace. Last year many good things happened and there were also certain unpalatable and unsavoury events of bitterness. But You protected us all through without forsaking us. Thank You. Help us to retrieve all those things that we lost. Let this year be transformed into a year of blessings with no struggles or strife of the last year. You are the Lord who gives us victory. Help me to have victory in all areas of life where I have been struggling. Help me to have victory in my thoughts and in my mind over Satan that scattered my thoughts and made me ruminate on evil things. Grant peace and happiness in me and also in the family with fellowship of love. We could neither gather and have fellowship nor pray and praise as brothers and sisters after the death of our parents. Help us to revive this fellowship this year. Help me to grow from strength to strength and to be sanctified. Let not any of our children or family members be tempted or go through trials during the course of this year. Help me do things pleasing to You during this year. O Lord, help me to remain in You and in my relationship with You by walking in Your ways and according to Your Word. Help me to have good fellowship with everyone. Help me to praise You with good health for being delivered from all the weaknesses that inflicted and afflicted me last year. I plead for Your guidance and strength to declare Your name and glorify You in new places and nations. I beseech Your presence to be with me throughout this year. In this year, help me to complete the construction of my house and to settle the marriages of my children, and to settle all the debts and to rejoice in You. Bless me right now. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray, O Father. Amen.