Jebathoni Ministries

First of all, I thank God for He counted me faithful by calling me into the ministry. It is a pleasure for me to share a brief account of our ministry. It was started as a prayer group by the name “Jesus Sword Prayer Band” in the year 1984 in Trichirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India. At the beginning we gathered to pray for the Lord’s servants and their family. As the days went by, it spread to other places. We started to move to many non-Christian areas too. Few ministering methods - 

1. Prayer Group: 
We start a prayer fellowship in a place where there is need for the gospel. Through that prayer fellowship, we reach the people. When they learn the basics of Bible we guide those persons to the local churches. Few of the prayer fellowships became churches too. People who got the calling for the pastoral ministry took charge of that group and it became individual church which took care of itself. 

2. Prayer meetings/Camp: 
We join with Christian churches to conduct meetings/camps to revive the spiritual life of the believers so that they can have a blessed closer walk with Jesus. The follow - up will be taken care by their respective pastors. We conduct special camps and meetings for the deliverance of the people. 

3. Magazine: 
We publish a magazine in Tamil / English / Telugu / Singhala which you may now visit in the electronic version. This is mainly for the believers to get their strength to resist the devil and sin, and, to grow up in their spiritual life. We like this to be circulated free of cost but now the rules of the Government of India has restricted us not to do so. So we have fixed a small amount for subscription.

4. JCIL: 
We have a separate unit for Audio and Video production by the name JCIL (Jesus Christ is Lord) Recording Centre. We produce song cds, message video cds, books and Bible verses to help in the spiritual life. 

5. Deliverance Prayer Camp: 
Deliverance Prayer Camp, a religious Charitable Trust was formed with a yomen cause to serve the needy individuals and families irrespective of their Caste, Creed, religious etc with a sole and basic purpose of rendering them Spiritual, Moral assistance and General counselling in accordance with the Holy Testament. Every day prayer and counselling are being conducted for the benefit of the people staying in the camp. This endeavour helps them come out of their depression and builds up a hope in their troubled mind. These inmates are given shelter free of cost and they are being properly fed and medical as well as psychological care is being provided to them apart from medical aid. 

6. TV Ministries 
By God’s grace, we are now able to give TV programs in Tamil through Tamilan TV and Ark TV. It is broadcasted in Tamilan TV on Wednesdays between 5:00 a.m and 5:30 a.m and in Ark TV daily from 6:30 am to 7:00 am. We hope and pray that those who watch the programs will be blessed and comforted and enlightened by God.